Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ring Route in Sector B

John Hargreaves posted this comment on his Ring Route trek.

I walked from Nangleng to Lemahneundet Tonggoh last Sunday October 26.Between Bangreng and Pancawati (square I2 on the map) there is a new village called Kampung Baru. There is also a small villa on the north side of the asphalt track in square I6 and a new house on the north side of the junction of the track and the footpath in square I9.I got lost between the Ci Pondokmenteng and the Ci Bedug as there seem to be some paths which are not marked on the map.I also found the section descending from the German cemetery to the Ci Sukabirus hard to follow as there are numerous paths not marked on the map. We eventually found walk B4 point C, but as we were tired and remembered that the descent into the valley there is rather steep we took the long way round via Sampalanlinja instead.It was a good 9-hour walk.Is there any prospect of the Sukabumi section of the maps being published any time soon?